who needs a house ?

In a construction site in Senegal, going back and forth from being an architect, an observer, a photographer.

Nianing, December 2018

visual anthropology residency

Creative Image : Ways of Seeing, Representing and Reshaping reality., with the Granada Center for Visual Anthropology. Selected to participate in the The Visual Research Network Residency Conference, that aims to bring together visual researchers, practitioners, and PHD students who are actively working with visual methods in their own fieldwork or their practice-as-research.

Manchester, 21-27 September 2018

from perception to data

University of Leeds. Selected to work with a group of researchers (Indigenous Health Adaptation to Climate Change) with the University of Leeds, assisting the team's annual meeting in Cape Town, South Africa. Future collaborations intend to explore the use of photography as a tool for questioning the research methods used while working with isolated populations in Peru, Uganda and the Artic.

Leeds, UK and Cape Town, South Africa 2018

amazonia series

Hired as a photographer for artist Gyula Noesis to cover his exploration of a pain ritual and of the local black magic. An editorial object containing writings of Gyula Noesis, my photographs and drawings from various illustraters is under preparation.

Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, from January to May 2018

project for a film

Playing With Fire, is the name I gave to a large amount of film footage not yet edited, filmed during a particular traditional event south of Italy. Each year during the winter solstice, a mountain village near Naples is home to initiatory fire ritual. This year, young Italian artists have taken hold of the antique tradition, adding oil to the fire by expressing the iconoclastic views taught in art schools. In these conservative and nostalgic rural settings, the inflammable presence of contemporary art produces some latent violence.

Province of Salerno, Italy, December 2017

a psychiatric holiday

A book project commissioned by the Psychiatric Hospital of Erstein, near Strasbourg to cover an therapeutic experiment. In October 2017, twenty psychotic and heavily multi-handicapped patients, their medical staff and a photographer (myself), go for a mountain holiday together in the Vosges. The book has been printed in June 2018.

Erstein, France, October 2017

ukraine series

“ National Hedonism ”, The Path Of Least Resistance, 2017. Hired by artist / performer Gyula Noesis to assist a nude photography project with local female models. On some evenings, in a decrepit flat in Kiev improvised into a studio, I attend the girls who undress for art and for cash. During the day, I wander the city to investigate the peripheral effects of a hybrid war on urban dynamics. This double outlook on Ukraine has brought me to document strange, confronting feelings : an artificially created sense of patriotism mixed with the ineluctable search of individual pleasure.

Ukraine, Moldova, Transnistria, July-August 2017

just tourists, short film

With this film we intend to test the unusual way we though of in order to get access to the city's most beautiful and most hidden places, using the excuse of a game of chess.

14 minutes, with Hugo Serraz, Strasbourg 2017

the last bastion : essay

The Last Bastion is an illustrated essay on the relation between positionality, visual representations and transformation of territory/urban spaces. This socio-urban investigation conducted over a year and a half on the grounds of old city walls of Strasbourg. This work took the form of a photographic journal (as both method and outcome), analyzing how visual descriptions (and fictions) of places prefigure and determine the perception we have of our environment and of ourselves.

Strasbourg, 2015 - 2017



2016 -2018 Scenography for Pétrole Éditions, Strasbourg, France
2014 French/English interpreter for the Hallé Orchestra and the National Kinshasa Orchestra, Manchester, UK
2014 Architecture for Bast architects, Toulouse, France
2011 Architecture for Workshop Architecture, Montréal, Canada
2010 Archeology intern for the CNRS, drawings and topographical surveys, France
2007 - 2010 Construction of a house with reclaimed materials, France
2004 Art class assistant in a Montessori school, Jakarta, Indonesia


2017 Masters in Fine Arts, Haute École des Arts du Rhin, Strasbourg, France

2012 Masters in Architecture, obtained with honours, École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture (ENSAS), Strasbourg, France